Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting To Terengganu By Bus


Express coaches depart daily :from Kuala Lumpur (7 hours), Singapore (9.5 hours),Johor Bharu (9 hours) and Penang (9 hours). The trip of 2 or more stops along the route, food, drink and toilet stops. The most comfortable coaches (VIP) have 24-32 seats in a 2-1 seating arrangement. The seats are spacious with plenty of legroom. There are also coaches 36-40 seats 4 seats aware, as you do Terengganu in best comfort. If you travel at night, some warn clothing (jacket / sweater). It can be very cool. Soft or inflatable pillow can help you sleep more comfortably. Most ATMs sell a single ticket, passengers in May book return ticket plus tour of our company. Night coaches arrive Kuala Terengganu Tanjung Bus Terminal approximately 5h30 - 6.00am.We also provide free daily pickup 5:30 in the morning from Kuala Terengganu express bus terminal passenger center of rest and wash.

Anda nak Ke Terengganu dengan bas? Zaman dah berubah dunia dah maju...hari ni tak macam dulu...bila sebut Terengganu nun jauh di Pantai Timur...Dengan siapnya LPT(Lebuh raya Pantai Timur) Perjalanan anda bertambah selesa...jom ke Terengganu Darul Iman sempena musim cuti sekolah ni dengan bas yang selesa dan berhawa dingin.



sylvia_ez said...
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mizzlina said...

By traveling in the express bus come luxurious coach, you can just name the destinations you would like to visit and we will provide you with the best service!

We have buses not only traveling within Malaysia , but from Singapore as well as in bus Singapore to Butterworth , Singapore to Alor Setar , bus Singapore to Johor Bharu, Kamunting , KLIA , LCCT , etc.

While in the process of promoting beautiful Malaysia, here are also a few places one can consider visiting through the conducive and accommodative express bus . If you are Singaporean or a traveller coming from the Land of Merlion, you may take a bus Singapore to Johor Bharu and enjoy few popular destinations such as Desaru, Danga Bay, Kota Tinggi Waterfall and many more.
If you are planning to skip Singapore, you may take a bus Singapore to Melaka and enjoy the heritage left by the Portuguese British and the mix culture of Baba and Nyonya.

coach to malacca said...

You can know the way to go to Termagant by bus with help from the post here

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Thanks for the details on the same. I was searching for this since long time

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